Monday, April 6, 2009

Eddie's Dedication

Our growing family!
The four Paul Edwin Robbins!

Eddie is in the grabbing stage now. I was hoping he wouldn't notice the mic, but no such luck! It was interesting keeping it away from him and still sing into it.

Paul wrote new words to go with the tune 'Gentle Shepherd'. I was getting pretty nervous a few days before the dedication because we didn't have a song yet, but the Lord gave Paul this song just in the nick of time!

Bro. Dicken preformed the dedication. He's done all three of our childrens. The Lord always helps him in a special way, and each dedication is unique.

hello again! a lot has happened since I last posted. My sister Kimmi and her husband Josh had a beautiful baby boy on Valentines day. Jayden Alan weighed 6lbs 2.6oz., and was 20 1/2 inches.He is my first nephew on my side. as you can tell, Emma loves holding him!:-)

Monday, February 2, 2009

We went to my parents last weekend on the spur of the moment. It was a nice, relaxing weekend. Also, Stephen, Rebecca's fiance', showed up and surprised her. Eddie is 3 and a half months now. About three wks ago, he weighed 15 lbs. He can be a little heavy to tote around! Mom recently found her lincoln logs, and they were a big hit with the "kids":-) My dad even got down with them once and built a cabin.

This year we were able to go to Covert Christmas. This is all of Bobby and Emma Coverts 11 Great-Grandchildren.(L-R)Charlie Kennedy (Aaron & Sara's), Dregon Thurman (Chris & Sheri's ), Ezra & Gage Guthrie (Gwen's) ,James(Rachel Kennedy's), Bobby Guthrie (Margeret's) ,Eddie and Emma Robbins (Paul & Angela's), Abigail (Rachel's), Shalynne (Paul & Angela's), and Jonathan,Jr.(Jonathan & Carolines).Needless to say, it was quite noisy and crowded! Maybe we need to rent a hall next year!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

I LOVE baby feet! My husband thinks I'm goofy, but there is just something sweet about baby feet. Shalynne likes to have her feet rubbed, because I rubbed them so much when she was a baby:-)

The girls' Christmas program. I was really proud of the girls. I did'nt think Emma was going to say her lines at first cause she was the first one up front, but she did after a little coaxing. Shalynne had just woke up not too long before the program, so she was a little touchy. Over all, they did a great job, though.

Our growin boy! Last check, He was 13lbs. 8oz. He's 2 months old now. Time is flying by!
The "motley" crew. The girls still can't get enough of him.

"Hey, this picture is of me, not you!" (if you look close, you can see Emma's nose;-)

"Okay, I'm ready, now."